How to become a partner

If you are interested in collaborating with the Center, write an email to, describing:
  1. Your commitment towards shipping decarbonization
  2. Your place in the shipping value chain and the one representing your core business activity
  3. Your alignment with the Center Mission and Vision

The Partnerships function will then evaluate any potential partnerships across several metrics.


The Center aims to maintain a balance in the overall portfolio of partners. Considering the maritime ecosystem, the Center maintains significant flexibility regarding the addition of enablers and shipowners & charterers as partners to the Center. The other categories of companies will be limited, to assure that the Center will not have an overrepresentation of partners from one area of the value chain.


Prospective partners will be evaluated in accordance with their ability to fulfill specific Environmental Social Governance criteria. While it is not a requirement to fulfill all of them, these criteria help guarantee that all future partners have an ambition that aligns with the Center's mission and vision.


The company; any of the members of the company boards of directors, or any of their officers cannot be listed on any sanctions list including, without limitation, the United States List of Specially Designated Nationals and Blocked Persons, Denied Persons, Unverified, and Entity Lists, the European Union consolidated list of restricted parties and any list of parties designated under United Nations Security Council Resolutions.

Our Partner Program