Wed, Apr 27
04:04 AM - 06:04 AM
Tivoli Hotel & Congress Center Arni Magnussons Gade 2 1577 København
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World Maritime Technology Conference
Join us in Copenhagen for the 7th World Maritime Technology Conference 2022
One of the most important conferences in the field of maritime technology globally

World Maritime Technology Conference 2022

04:04 AM - 06:04 AM

Join us in Copenhagen for the 7th World Maritime Technology Conference 2022

World Maritime Technology Conference (WMTC) is held every 3rd year under the auspices of the World Maritime Technology Congress. The shipping industry faces a huge number of challenges; the quest for decarbonization and battling pollution, the impact of disruptive technologies, our vulnerabilities to cyber-attacks, and a severe skills shortage. Together with Danish Shipping we are hosting an event on Denmark as a frontrunner when it comes to concrete solutions to the climate crisis.

”We clearly see how the shipping industry is increasingly committing to strong visions and goals and acting as part of the solution in solving the global climate crisis. It is crucial that this commitment translates into concrete projects and actions that can demonstrate future solutions and help us accelerate and scale the green transition. This requires brave first movers across the industry and at political level who are willing to take responsibility and act – and on this, the rest of the world can look to Denmark for inspiration,” Says Bo Cerup-Simonsen, CEO, Mærsk Mc-Kinney Møller Center for Zero Carbon Shipping.

Join us in Copenhagen for the 7th World Maritime Technology Conference 2022

The event will be showcasing concrete solutions to the climate crisis, including the most recent research, how digitalization strengthens Co2-reduction, and how Den-mark is paving the way for offshore wind, carbon capture, and transport of Co2 as well as alternative fuels.

“We are transitioning towards green shipping, and we are very close to having the first large-scale commercial zero-emission vessels. The shipping industry can be one of the key contributors in bringing down the global Co2-emissions, and we are in the midst of an exciting time where new projects are emerging from every direction. I look forward to bringing together some of the brightest people within ship-ping and green technology this spring, and I am excited to give the world a first-hand impression of what we are capable of in Denmark,” says Anne H. Steffensen, CEO, Danish Shipping.

Program: Denmark as a frontrunner nation 16.20 Intro by moderator Anne H. Steffensen, CEO Danish Shipping 16.25 Emerging research results: Maersk Mc-Kinney Møller Center for Zero Carbon Shipping, Claus W Graugaard, Head of Onboard Ves-sel Solutions 16.45 Digitalization and climate action: Zero North, CEO Søren Meyer 17.05 Carbon capture, transport and storage, offshore energy and green fuels, Kristoffer Böttzauw, Director Danish Energy Agency 17.25 Q&A

Information about the World Maritime Technology Conference

The side event is part of the international conference that brings together the world's leading maritime companies, organizations, authorities, and researchers. At the trade fair and the conference, a total of approx. 3,000 professionals from the world's maritime industry, including naval architects, marine engineers, decision-makers, ship designers, shipbuilders, and shipping companies, primarily from Europe, the US, and Asia.

The conference is held every 3 years in a new place in the world. The last conference was in Shanghai in 2018. Denmark will be the 7th conference in total. The Danish Maritime Fair is established together with the conference. A broad selection of members of, for example, the Danish Export Association and Danish Maritime.

Student Program

WMTC2022 gives students a unique possibility to build the foundation for their future careers. The conference will offer matchmaking events and competitions offering them the possibility to meet and network with leading companies and organizations within the industry.