Wed, Dec 07
03:12 AM - 05:12 AM
Virtual - Microsoft Teams
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Mærsk Mc-Kinney Møller Center for Zero Carbon Shipping
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Virtual Roundtable | Sustainable Biomass Availability Estimates

03:12 AM - 05:12 AM
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Join us and industry experts from MIT in discussing about sustainable biomass availability estimates.

With the intense global focus on climate challenges, various industries need to transition towards reduced or net-zero emissions. The shipping industry accounts for 3% of the global emissions and belongs to the hard-to-abate category as direct electrification is only an option for a low percentage of the total shipping emissions. As such, the use of sustainable bio-based fuels is being considered for use by the shipping sector to contribute to its GHG emissions reduction strategy.

Together with Florian Allroggen, PhD. Research Scientist at MIT Laboratory for Aviation and the Environment, we will explore estimates of sustainable biomass availability to help inform the shipping (and related) about the potential for biofuels to contribute to their GHG reduction strategies.

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