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Port of Rotterdam (PoR), Mærsk Mc-Kinney Møller Center for Zero Carbon Shipping
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MAGPIE - Rotterdam ammonia bunkering demonstration

Published — November 22, 2022

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Project Objective

Develop the concept of ammonia bunkering for port and ship-to-ship demo.

The project aims to demonstrate ship-to-ship (STS) ammonia bunkering between a retrofitted/equipped ammonia bunker barge and an ammonia powered vessel (offtaker). Additionally, a roll out strategy for ammonia storage and bunkering infrastructure required in the Port of Rotterdam and other EU ports will be developed.

A QRA (Quantitative Risk Assessment) for STS NH3 bunkering will be performed in order to develop a risk mitigation plan. Additionally, the port safety framework and bunkering guidelines need to be considered when equipping the bunkering barge. Thereafter, STS bunkering can be demonstrated between the equipped ammonia bunker barge and an ammonia powered vessel. Moreover, a design concept for a NH3 storage terminal at the port can be made and supply chain analysis can be performed.

By completion of the project, the goal is to demonstrate the effectiveness of safety framework and bunkering guidelines with STS NH3 bunkering demo and develop a roll out infrastructure plan for ammonia supply chain.

Project Milestones

October 2021

Project kicked-off

2022 to 2023

Demo preparation

2024, or as soon as an ammonia powered vessel is available

STS demo 2H

Point of contact

Peter Lystrup Christensen

Head of OVS Technology