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Global Maritime Forum & Mærsk Mc-Kinney Møller Center for Zero Carbon Shipping
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Nordic Green Ammonia Powered Ship Phase 2: M/S NoGAPS Vessel Design (NoGAPS 2)

Published — May 31, 2022

Ammonia-powered shipping is a credible route to contribute to the long-term decarbonization of the shipping sector. The first phase of the NoGAPS project ran from 2020 to 2021 as part of the first round of the Sea Meets Land Mission funded by the Nordic Innovation Fund. The project developed a holistic proof of concept that addresses ship design and safety, production and supply of green ammonia as well as the business models and economic incentives that will be required to make the project economically viable.

Project Objectives

Produce an initial ship design for an ammonia-fueled vessel that will also carry ammonia as a cargo.

In NoGAPS2, the crucial next step will be taken to produce an initial ship design, which will lay the foundation for a shipyard tender and potential construction of the vessel. This project brings together the essential players to source that design and is made possible by Nordic Innovation Fund funding and in-kind support from partners. Simultaneously, the project will strengthen the connections between the NoGAPS consortium and the emerging ecosystem for ammonia-powered shipping – essential to leverage learnings on topics like safety, fuel handling, and bunkering.

The Center is leading the vessel design work in close collaboration with project partners and an external designer in an open innovation process to capture the best engineering practices of configuring the new design for ammonia fuel, best practices of safety standards and safeguards in design, energy efficiency and new choices of technologies. Ongoing work and our collective understanding of risk and safety of ammonia fuel storage, supply systems and engine room design will be applied as part of a risk-based design process including a hazard identification study (HAZID) to establish new guidance on safeguards and operational procedures. The main deliverables from the vessel design work will be an Approval in Principle and preparation of a design specification and drawing package for initiation of a shipyard tender process and potential construction of the vessel.

Project milestones

January 2022

Project kick-off

April 2022

Outline specification

March 2023

Feasibility study results

May 2023

Initial design package

June 2023

Approval in Principle