Fuel Pathway
Maturity Map

The Fuel Pathway Maturity Map presents a simple, interactive overview of readiness across the main alternative fuel pathways as presented in the Industry Transition Strategy 2021.

The colors indicate the current technical and regulatory maturity level (2022). Hold the curser over a step to see a short description of the rationale behind the color score, and click on a step to see the full explanation.

Please observe that the maturity map does not include commercial feasibility and is to be updated with e-diesel.


Solutions are available with no or limited barriers remaining.

Solutions identified

Solutions exist, but there are some challenges on e.g. maturity and availability.

Major challenges remain

Solutions are not developed or lack specification.

Feedstock availability
Fuel production
Fuel storage, logistics & bunkering
Onboard energy storage & fuel conversion
Onboard safety & operations
Vessel emissions
Regulation & certification

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